Good News for End users / Real Buyer interested in buying new home

Good News for End users / Real Buyer interested in buying new home

Good News for End users/Real Buyer interested in buying new home

Home Loan will be available on Lower rate of Interest (%)

Primary Real Estate Market will up

      Due to huge cash deposit in the bank accounts. The collection is expected to cross Rs. 10 Lac crore. The bank will be having all time high deposits, the liability to pay interest on the deposits, bank have to give loans to in the market. As the bank can only earn by lending money to the borrowers which leads to reduction in the home loan rates. The current home loan rates offering by banks and financial institutions are around 9.10% to 9.25%. which is also expected to come down by another 1-2% in coming time ahead. Which results in more home loans will be distributed for buying real estate. 


      Here it is also important to know that the borrower can reduce its rate of interest if the interest rates comes down in future, any time during the loan period by giving application to the bank/financial institution with small conversion fee.  It will give more confidence and affordability of buying property to the buyers

      Interestingly their will be positive impact on Primary market and good news for end users or real buyer who can only buy property availing the home loan. The first time Home buyer who is living on rent or what to relocate on new location will be positively benefited due to reduction in price and clear transaction/deal.

      End users mostly salaried employees always prefer to buy new property from builder with reputation and track record as any organized builder will prefer to have transaction in full white. Lower rate will attract them to take

      More Buyer will be available in the market due to more demand of housing.

      Even the Implementation of RERA is also give confidence and boost to the end user for timely delivery a



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