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Is it safe to buy property online?

Is it Safe ?

Well yeh concerns are obvious about online business in real estate market, most of people can’t judge the right property even after visiting site. statement may be offensive but yes it is true.

Key Points

client should note some points while buying property online

  • Builders track record.
  • Projects RERA number.
  • Project location.
  • Project Pricing.
  • Project floor plan.

We should also guide our clients to go and check RERA website for the particular project. RERA uploaded each and every details and approvals online for the customers. It enhances client's trust and it makes easy to take the decision.

Vision Of Customer

Comming back to the topic is it safe to buy property online or not So yeh it is concern but we have to see what factors are affecting your decisions, It is possible that you are not receiving the information and idea of property systematically and in understanding way or May be you are concerned about your valuable money that you are going to invest. Most of people more concerned about their money investment over online so they should know that they are not helpless in real estate market our Indian Government is in full support of every customer and stopping every kind of fraud and miss selling, which make real estate business safer by now days. So if customer think they get cheated by developer they can easily summon the person in court and decision will be on their side. Just they thing they should be aware of as described in Key Points

You should also know, client have to send booking amount in builder's escrow account. Client is well educated nowadays because all the information about each and every builder available on Internet we also have proper list of best builders of Tricity area and there all projects if you are interested you can check the links below.

Still not satisfied?

Are you still not satisfied online property buying is safe? are you one of those paranoid people? Hahaha.. Jokes apart may be folowing are the reasons for your dis-satisfaction

  • Due to incomplete knowledge of project
  • Idea of the project visuals not clear.
  • Then maybe you didn’t explore much
  • There are Comparison services available online.
  • which can get them lot more comparative analysis of properties they are looking for and about visualization of property these days virtual tours are available thanks to VR technology we can tour inside the property without even lifting our butt from bed we can explore kitchen, lauge, balcony, guest rooms, bedrooms everything that is possible.

    well yeh physical appearance is very important because at the end if you are buying something you want to use it for personal or commercial or investment purposes where these services offer for real site visits with their professionals Also we can see even customer can physically analyze the property themselves but these services can save their time a lot and help them to take better decisions and even in such lockdown times when builders are more flexible its good time to use their wise money for best they can get.

Because It's Digital Era

As we are in the developing and fast growing advanced technology world, every sector every field is benefited by it even the real estate sector have been derived Lot of benefits from advancement in technology. Earlier people used to depends on the real estate Agents or brokers either for selling or buying the property depending was too much along with the cost involved for paying out the broker’s commission brokers not only charged commission but they had limited property for the customers people especially in the metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore would prefer to see the property online. Now days customers have wide range of property for comparison sitting at home they can do the market search with the locality they prefer & the amenities available within the building as well as in that area customer would like to know the basic facilities like schools, college, banks, shopping mall & hospitals are available in that locality. All these can be achieved without visiting the area by searching on the internet, some of the brokers are connected online.

Once the property is finalized these brokers take it up & forward & helped in the verification of the documents.sum of the websites offers best services in the field of real estate. The introduction of RERA Act has made the dealing more smooth & transparent in property.

Let see how buying online goes like let say I am customer, wanted to buy property in Mohali and have basic knoledge about best locations of mohali. Then let's say i search online for comparative website for real estate like : Reconsult Advisory Services i will oepn this site and then let say I have to compare the property in International Airport road Mohali then that site will prefer me properties to buy and there detail reasons why to buy like Athens by GBP group.


  • RERA approved property
  • This property is surrounded by all amenities
  • prime location.
  • and Many more key features like this

COVID-19 Impact on Real Estate Market

Firstly the time is in India is very crucial because of the Covid-19 and In this time developers has many options and many more schemes for here projects which is beneficial for cusomers. Projects are Under RERA approved category so customers can be satisfied for documentation part and customers have check the details of project and compare them with various other project using comparative analysis websites from Google. These services are evolving in these situations and have good communication with customers with any mode of communication customer wants Telephonic Conversation, E-maling, Messaging, Whatsapp, Facebook Messages, even skype and Hangouts even all the procedure can also complete with full documentation and all without lifting your lazy butts. The Discount and various makes the time very beneficial for properties seekers.

As our company Operates Tricity Region we have complete list of active builders and latest update of Tricity Real Estae. Many projects are already delivered in Tricity and Good reputation in market of the Builders The Brand project has been pitched to the customer and more trusted project.

Also there is very good for people who still afraid of buying property online there is Builders Group Name ANAROCK has sold Properties of amount 252 crores In Lockdown. That tells a lot there are lot of people who taking benefits of the lockdown discounts and making good investment out of it.

Also due to situations near future Indian Govt. going to release more schemes and benefits for Real-estate World. Many of them already released for full information you can contact us. Also banking Sector Reduced the Interest Rate for Home Loan Which again Makes the best opportunity for customers to invest in Real Estate of buy their dream home because in Future Rate will Hike as Real Estate going to become one of most important Backbone of Indian Economy

This time is For Digital india

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